Route of Reborn Are these just rocks or a resource to save the world? Are these just scraps or a resource buried in urban cities?

They seem to be just ordinary rocks.
They are steel, a recyclable resource buried in society as buildings and infrastructure.
These rocks or steel may be worthless if they remain there, but we can create a path to turn these rocks into resources and supply them to manufacturers that need them.
This is our role as Marubeni Tetsugen.

The resources we find and supply will be transformed into social infrastructure and products with high technologies essential to our lives.
The use of our resources contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and also to the production of material having higher environmental performance.

We draw new values from the resources with forward-looking viewpoints.
And with the resources, we can create a path for a better society as the trading company specialized in resources.

Route of Reborn.

We continue to supply resources for making a better future.