Environmental Policy and Basic Principle

Environmental Policy
and Basic Principle

Basic Principle

“The Earth” is the sphere of our activity! We will do our utmost to safeguard the global environment, while contributing to international society through our business activities and striving for a harmonious and prosperous society.

Basic Policy

In accordance with Marubeni Group’s Environmental Policy, our company’s basic policy for safeguarding the global environment with respect to our activities in domestic business and the international trade in raw materials for steel production, metals, and minerals, is as follows:

1. In undertaking our business activities, we recognize that environmental issues are critical challenges, contribute to safeguard the environment, and reduce environmental risk while taking steps to protect against pollution.

(1) We comply international environmental treaties, environmental laws and regulations related to Japan and the country concerned, in addition to other requirements, with which we agreed to comply.

(2) We assess the environmental impact when promoting projects such as resource development and new investment and financing, and pay attention to the regional society and natural environment.

(3) We positively promote business activities relating to safeguarding the environment such as recycling of metal resources and maintenance and improvement of the land and soil, etc.

(4) We encourage consideration of the environment jointly with our business partners.

(5) We encourage energy-saving, resource-saving, and separating waste in our office.

(6) We make efforts to educate and enlighten for the purpose of enhancing the awareness of the need to safeguard environment.

2. Environmental Management System

As the Environmental Management System based on this policy, we will ensure on a regular basis that the actions of the contents described in the above 1. are performed.

3. Notification and publication of the Environmental Policy

All directors, employees, and other stakeholders both internal and external will be notified of this Environmental Policy. This policy will also be made available to the public in documentary form, etc.

April 1, 2023


President and CEO

Kunihiko Akiyama