Strength of Marubeni Tetsugen Strength of Marubeni Tetsugen

Strength of
Marubeni Tetsugen

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Contribution to higher environmental performance in society

Steel scraps are essential to electric arc furnace steel production with low CO2 emissions. Electrical steel sheets are used for EVs and transformers for wind power generation. Ferroalloys are necessary for producing electrical steel sheets. We handle these metal materials to help contribute to resolving environmental issues in Japan.

Metals to support our daily lives and society

Steel scraps are recycled into steel products, like construction materials, to support industries as part of social infrastructure. Steel and stainless steel made from ferroalloys as auxiliary materials are transformed into products used in daily lives, such as electric appliances and integrated kitchens. We stably supply steel metal materials that are suited to applications of various products to support daily lives and contribute to society.

Supply products from 20+ countries from around the world

Ferroalloys, such as silicomanganese, ferrochrome, and molybdic oxide / ferromolybdenum, are from global sources, including Brazil, India, and Europe. We search for rare global resources that are unavailable in Japan, secure credible quality and required volumes, and then supply them to customers.

Marubeni’s information power and network

Considering environmental issues, we search for high potential resource globally. With Marubeni Group’s network, we can connect with excellent companies and cooperate with customers around the world to resolve their issues. We also utilize broad network and intelligence gathered by Marubeni group. Marubeni’s global network to resolve social issues with our knowledge in business building.