Automobile Recycling

Automobile Recycling

Eco Press (Recycling of the Whole Dismantled Automobile)

We recycle automobiles based on the “complete recycling” principle. Based on the End-of-Life Vehicles Recycling Law, dismantling operators dismantle end-of-life automobiles with the whole dismantling technology (to remove all components containing copper) and perform a pressing process. Marubeni Tetsugen then delivers the dismantled components to steel manufacturers. Steel from dismantled vehicles is used as the material for steel products, while the plastic parts and fabrics from seats are effectively utilized as fuels or recyclable resources. This process generates very little waste and contributes to recycling.

*End-of-Life Vehicles Recycling Law: The law enforced in January 2005 which mandates the proper treatment and recycling of end-of-life automobiles.

Flow of “complete recycling” of end-of-life automobiles Flow of “complete recycling” of end-of-life automobiles

Other trading companies are also conducting similar recycling actions, but in 2004, Marubeni Tetsugen established a department dedicated to automobile recycling. We have earned a high reputation for building a management system based on compliance with the law together with automobile dismantling operators from all over the country, in order to stably supply materials to steel manufacturers.

Eco Press

Image of a product from the eco press process

Eco Press

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