Steel Material

Steel Material

Steel Material

Japan holds about 1.4 billion tons of accumulated quantity of iron and steel, of which 2–3% are collected and separated every year as scraps in cities. Iron and steel have high recycling rate and are one of the recycling-oriented products and resources focused on the global movement toward decarbonization, such as SDGs and carbon neutrality. To save the global environment in the future, we are focusing our efforts on handling steel scraps which contribute to society. We are purchasing steel scraps generated within the Marubeni Group, as well as widely from our trading partners, both domestically and overseas.

Product line

Steel scraps, stainless steel scraps, pig iron for steelmaking

Steel scraps
stainless steel scraps
pig iron for steelmaking

Contact information

■Steel Material Dept.

Tel: 81-3-3513-1249 (Domestic)

Tel: 81-3-3513-1227 (Trade)

■Steel Material Dept. (West Japan Branch)

Tel: 81-6-6347-3681

■Metal Materials Dept. (Chubu Branch)

Tel: 81-52-202-6530

■Tohoku Branch

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