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Notes on personal information

Your personal information is handled in compliance with our privacy policy described below. If you agree with the privacy policy, select [Agree] check box and enter your inquiry.

Marubeni Tetsugen acknowledges that proper management and protection of personal information are our important duties for conducting our businesses and services, and to fulfill these duties, we handle personal information in adherence to the following privacy policy.

1.Compliance with laws

With the recognition that proper management of personal information is part of compliance, we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and guidelines issued by the Personal Information Protection Commission. We will establish internal regulations about the handling of personal information and other internal rules, and keep every executive and employee informed about them.

2.Management system

We have a system to manage personal information appropriately, with a personal information administrator to control the operation of personal information management, and a group manager to oversee the handling of personal information in each applicable group.

3.Notes on collection of personal information

When we collect your personal information, we always specify the purpose for using the information, and show it explicitly or notify it to the applicable person or announce it to the public. Additionally, we always ask the applicable person for their consent before collecting sensitive personal information.

Collection of personal information from web sites

・Cookies and web beacons

Our web site sometimes uses cookies and web beacons as a reference to grasp the usage of services supplied by the site to provide better services which meet our users’ interests and demands. Cookies are also used for sending notifications (advertisements) to the people who visited our web site in the past, using the services of ad providers. The cookies and web beacons never obtain any information which can identify specific individuals or cause any damage on the users’ computers. You can also reject to receive cookies by setting your Internet browser.


We have deployed the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocol on all pages, including the inquiry form, in our web site to raise the security level of the site.

・Obtainment of logs

Our web site stores the user information in the access log. The information includes the IP addresses, browser types, and access counts of the users, but it does not include any information which can identify specific individuals. The access log is only used for statistics and analysis about usage of the web site and is not used for any other purpose.

4.Notes on use of personal information

We use the collected personal information within the purpose we had shown explicitly, notified, or announced to the public, or within the scope or use which is considered to be related to the purpose. If the purpose should be changed, we ask the applicable persons for consent in advance.

5.Notes on disclosure of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose personal information to third parties without prior consent of the applicable person, except for cases permitted under relevant laws or regulations. However, we might supply the information to third parties (except those overseas) through an opt-out scheme.

6.Notes on use of third-party modules

Our web site uses some third-party modules for purposes to grasp usage of the services provided in the site and to deliver advertisements. The modules deployed on our web site are as follows. These providers use cookies or similar technologies to collect and process information about the usage of our web site. The information collected by the providers are managed based on the individual providers’ privacy policies.

・Google Analytics

Provider: Google Inc.

Purpose: Analysis of the usage of the site

Provider’s privacy policies:
How Google Analytics collect and process data:

7.Notes on management of personal information

We keep the collected personal information accurate and updated. We manage the information properly by taking appropriate protection measures to prevent unauthorized access to the information, as well as loss, damage, tampering with, and leakage of the information. Additionally, when we handle personal data in foreign countries, we understand the countries’ systems for protection of personal information and take necessary and appropriate actions to control the security of personal data.

8.Notification on the purpose for use of personal information, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, discontinuance of utilization, erasure, and discontinuance of provision to third parties of personal information

When the applicable person requires us to notify the purpose for use of personal information, to disclose, correct, add, or delete the personal information, or to discontinue utilization, erase or discontinue provision to third parties of the personal information, we will respond to such requests properly in accordance with the relevant law after verifying the identity of the requester.

We will review this policy as appropriate and make efforts on further improvement of our actions for the protection of personal information.

Date of enactment: March 1, 2008

Date of last revision: April 1, 2023